I think I just fell in love with this guy, along with like 10,000 other people. “Hashtag America” by Alex Sparks. 

"We hate our government but love our country so we burn our flag to hide our bibles in it’s smoke rings. And we’ve been blowing halos of discontent down route 66, and badmouthing every town we rub our lips against. […] We have fallen in love with an era we were not born to. So we photoshop our photos to look older to look vintage, weathered and worn from years in make believe shoe boxes. […] We are nothing but fake patriots and hippies without Hendrix who like the good old days and Levis Denim, old vinyl, and Bob Dylan, or makin’ villains out of growing up. And throwing up peace signs, smoking peace pipes like the Native Americans (for some stupid reason). […] A cold shower has a way of reminding you of who you have been, and of the bodies you’ve made caskets out of. I can no longer lie in your bed without checking for a pulse. […] We have forgotten how to live without pictures to prove it, life only happens when it gets tweeted. People are dying 140 characters at a time and we filter everything like it’s 1975. "

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    im so sick of people saying “my day is better than yours” and posting a picture. SHUT UP!
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